PMA-to-speech conversion

Examples of articulatory speech synthesis from Permanent Magnetic Articulography (PMA) data.

More speech samples can also be found in the DiSArM website.


  • Original: original audio file.
  • Whisper: ‘whispered speech’, i.e., resynthesised signal with no voicing information.
  • PMA: speech signal synthesised from PMA data.


  • Utt1: one zero one four five nine five.
  • Utt2: two.
  • Utt3: seven zero two four eight.
  • Utt4: oh six five five three two two.
Utterance Original Whisper PMA
Utt1 wav wav wav
Utt2 wav wav wav
Utt3 wav wav wav
Utt4 wav wav wav